Use Addictive Content as your Loss Leader

Use Free Content as a Loss Leader

Use Free Content as a Loss Leader

Giving away free information may seem counter-intuitive when you are trying to make a business out of charging for your services however there are many benefits to having a free offering available – especially when it comes to what you make  available on your website.

The First Hit is On Us

The general concept behind this theory could be likened to that of an illicit drug dealer – yes thats right!! The thought here is that through offering your readers/customers some free resources you will be building a trust and relationship with your customer, while getting them ‘hooked’ on your product, they will keep coming back for more. Whether you choose to do this in the form of a sample or trial of your product, or simply through giving information away through a blog this choice is up to you.

The ability to build this relationship with your customer before they need to commit to spending any money (remember they may not be ready to purchase yet) means that when the time comes where they do need a more comprehensive solution – your brand will be top of mind when they go looking for something to solve their problem. This is where you come in for the upsell to your paid product or service.

Staying Current

Adding a blog to your corporate website is one critical activity that you can undertake to maximise this ‘free information’ theory. This works as your method of providing visitors to your website a knowledge base of information for them to utilise as well as giving the reader a reason to be a repeat visitor to your site. A blog by nature is a continually evolving and fresh platform of information – provided you take a bit of time to update it, and this is especially important if your corporate website is genearlly in a static state.

There are also added benefits to your results in search engines as they tend to favour more current and recent information over something that may fit the search criteria but be outdated. What I mean by this is if you plug in a search for ‘xyz’ into Google, it is going to return searches based on relevance of that search term ‘xyz’, however the actual accuracy of the information about the topic of ‘xyz’ between the present day and four years ago might mean that the older post is completely inaccurate. The key here is to give the reader the information they want with minimal searching needed.

It’s time now to go and activate that blog module on your website and start providing your visitors with relevant information, on a reliable schedule to keep them coming back for more. We’d love to hear more about what changes you see in your website visitors behaviour, let us know in the comments below what tools you use to help ‘hook’ your customers.