Tips for Free Website Promotion

A search of the internet for 'website promotion' floods you with SEO this and content that, none of which I find particularly helpful. There is so much jargon and so called 'expertise' when it comes to promotion of a website. A lot of it comes down to people geeking out talking about Search Engine Optimisation - but I'm not going to talk about this. Lets talk about a few simple tips or services that you can use to assist in the promotion of your website.

Google Webmaster Tools

Now you are free to submit your websites Sitemap, this is like an index of your websites links and gives Google a quick overview of your site. If you wish you can also utilise their 'fetch as Google' option to submit individual URL's. This process simply allows you to let the Google index know that a page exists for it to crawl, speeding up the process of being listed in their search Index and therefore being visible in Google Search.

This service also gives you very valuable information about how many impressions your links get in Google Search as well as insight into what keywords or terms are being used to find your website - all valuable information! The other major search engine, Microsofts Bing also offers a very similar tool which you may like to use as well.

This is a must have tool for anyone who runs a website (aka Webmaster). This is your gateway to getting listed on Google and the good news is - it's free (as all of these tips will be).  Google webmaster tools simply involves your site being submitted and verified, if nothing else this has given Google a heads up that you exist.

Google Webmaster Tools Dashboard


Disqus with Enhanced Discovery options

Not only does it self promote on your site internally but if you allow it to, Disqus will intelligently promote your content on other websites that have Disqus enabled. That means that someone viewing another website that is potentially interested in your content is presented with your link, offering them the option to click through to your website when they may have never been exposed to it otherwise. Through simply enabling this already fantastic commenting system you automatically increase your websites discoverability.  Free and hassle free discovery tool that needs no maintenance - seems like a no brainer to me!

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is the practice of generating content for a blog other than your own. How is this a form of promotion for your website?? Well as a guest blogger, provide a brief bio about yourself and link back to your own website within your post. Should the readers of your content be interested in more of your work they have the ability to click through to your own website to explore more of your content.

While this is a free method of promotion, it does take time to create the content which also needs to be of high quality and fit with the purpose of the blog that you will be posting it on. This is a great exercise to undertake if you have the time to commit to it, as well as the ability to approach other bloggers and pitch the idea. To make this more appealing to them you may like to return the offer for them to post on your blog in the future if they should ever want.

Social Media

Yes, good old social media. We all know about it and use it to keep in contact with friends and family. However this is a very powerful tool for keeping in touch with your customers and website visitors as well. Social media is a fantastic promotional tool - when used in moderation - that is understanding the value of social media in all respects and not just using it as an advertising platform.

By using your social accounts to build a community and relationship with your customers you will be well positioned to also use this channel effectively to promote new content, the latest specials.

Email Campaigns

It's time to harness the power of that contact list you have & promote your readers/customers to visit your website again. Nobody likes spam, but used wisely email can be a very powerful method of promotion for your website and your brand. By generating relevant & fresh content in your email campaigns and using inbound techniques you can't prompt your readers to visit and re-engage with your content online. 

These are just a number of the free and easy to implement techniques that you can implement in your internet marketing campaign immediately and can be used to complement paid marketing efforts. These tried and true methods don't require any tricks or knowledge of 'optimisation' or 'SEO' techniques which are often unnecessary. We would love to hear about any free or inexpensive marketing tools you use to promote your business online, be sure to let us know in the comments below or use the social links in the sidebar to join the conversation on our G+ or Facebook pages.

You may be familiar with this as a popular commenting system that is commonly implemented on websites and blogs. The great news here is that Disqus is also aware of the importance of discovery. By implementing this commenting module on your website you have the ability to either leave it handle just commenting, or to enable a higher level of discovery. In opting for increased discoverability your commenting module suddenly turns into a tool that promotes other relevant content on your own website. This aids in increasing engagement and driving your visitors to click through and spend a greater length of time on your  site.