Tips to Get The Most Out of Twitter


Twitter is a well established, very popular social network based around the concept of micro-blogging. That is short posts of information limited to 140 characters. As an established social platform you can benefit from the sheer size of active users out there seeking to engage with you. This means, if used well you can develop a following of engaged users allowing you to interact as well as promote your content or products.

Tips for Effective Tweeting

When to Tweet?

This is all about getting your message in front of the eyes of your followers rather than being lost in the feed, never to be seen. The actual days and times will vary depending on your target audience as different demographics will be active at different times. However all reports indicate that generally speaking you may find greater interaction on weekends as larger corporations are less active during these days - meaning less competition for you. 

Mashable has provided a great article called Top 5 Tools to Better Time Your Tweets which you may find useful in analysing your particular twitter account and followers to find the best times for you!

You may also like to utilise scheduling tools in Twitter clients to pre-load tweets to be posted at specific times. Try setting tweets for around 7-8am so when your followers first log on for the day, you are present in their feed. 

Stay Active

Followers respond well to brands and accounts that are regularly active on their profiles. This is a little like the crowd effect - if you see an empty restaurant next to a busy restaurant does this tell you the food may be better at one over the other? 

Aim for no less than one tweet a day, somewhere around five a day is probably optimal. These should be well spaced throughout the day for maximum effectiveness - we don't want to spam our followers now.

Make it Interesting

While this may seem obvious, all to often we come across Twitter accounts that only self promote. Think of your brand as a personality, people want to interact with someone that has something interesting to say rather than someone who self promotes endlessly.

We suggest giving your followers a good mix of interesting content for them to chew on. Such as links to interesting pictures, videos or blog/news posts other than your own. The key here is to make them relevant to your audience and your brand, your personal posts should be reserved for your personal account. 


Our last tip is of course to maximise the use of the good old Hashtag! We know, we know Facebook, G+ and even Instagram have all jumped on board the hashtag bandwagon but it all started over at Twitter.

The purpose of the Hashtag is to aid in discoverability of a topic in search. For example in a twitter client you have the ability to set up a live search based on a set of Hashtags to monitor a campaign, or to simply keep up with trending topics. 

By incorporating hashtags in your tweets you have the ability to increase your chances of being found in search by a potential follower. More importantly you have the power to capitalise on trending topics! Not to get carried away with this, but why not join a conversation that is relevant to your brand or where you can offer an insightful addition. This gives you the chance to interact and engage with users, building a relationship with them. 

This relationship building is what social media is all about, regardless of which platform you use. The ability to interact and engage with users is paramount. While you can certainly promote your content on social media, don't let it be the only driving factor. Offer enticing and compelling content for your users to digest and you will gain a loyal and engaged following.