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Website Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation or as it is commonly known 'SEO' is an important tool in any online content producers tool belt. With modern search engines powering the majority of organic traffic to our websites it is important to ensure that our optimisation techniques are within their guidelines - it is simply not worth using 'black hat' tricks to try and improve search rankings.

The term White Hat SEO refers to optimisation techniques that are within the guidelines of what major search engines deem to be acceptable. These techniques commonly revolve around generating interesting & compelling content on your website that people will find easy to read and non spammy. It really is all about focusing on what you can control on your page, this is referred to as on-page SEO. 

All this SEO stuff can seem a little bit like voodoo or good luck. The great news is that there are tools available out there for content publishers to help guide them to producing great, optimised content for both humans and search engines. Tools like this can help provide analysis of the content as you write it, giving you hints on how to subtly improve what is being written. 

Squirrly is one of those tools, a purpose built plugin designed for Wordpress blogs. This is a plugin that any owner of a Wordpress blog can instal and use free of charge, or upgrade for additional features at a modest fee. It is designed to take the hard work out of content marketing by giving you great SEO advice while you write, with fully optimised articles receiving much better results in search traffic.

Using Squirrly

Quite simply instal the plugin on your Wordpress site to start on your way to perfectly optimised content. Once installed, when you being to write your next article you can begin by doing some keyword research, this forms the starting point of your optimisation. The keyword research tool provides you with information about the quantity of searches done for given phrases, the competition and how that phrase is trending.

Squirrly Keyword Analysis Tool
Optimisation Assisstant

Once you select your chosen keyword to optimise for, as you write your next article there are a series of red and green bars down the right hand side of the page. The more green boxes you get the more optimised your article is for the keyword you have chosen. Techniques this plugin uses are all deemed to be 'white hat' so will not land you in hot water with the search engine spam teams. Best of all it also explains the reason behind what is is suggesting allowing you to learn along the way.

The other part of the service offered by Squirrly that we like is the ongoing feedback and analysis that is provided. This is done both within Wordpress and by the way of a weekly email. This provides you with feedback on how traffic is trending for your articles and provides very useful feedback that is aimed at improving your website and the experience it provides for you visitors - in turn of course delivering you with more search traffic!!

How to Get Started

As with any other Wordpress Plugin, it is a matter of downloading and installing. Then by following a few simple set up steps you have the full power of the application at your disposal.

Why not check out their website today, simply enter your email there to get started with Squirrly and explore what it can do  for you and your content.