Could Your Business use a Global Sales Team?

Businesses are constantly looking for ways to efficiently spend their marketing budget while ensuring they get a good return on investment. When it comes to marketing online with advertising it can be incredibly costly and the return may not be as effective as desired, with programs often costing you money each and every time someone clicks on one of your advertisements.

So how can you change the way you spend your marketing budget while still ensuring you get the exposure of your brand to the audience you want? Well it can be done with Affiliate Marketing, this is one of the oldest forms of marketing online and is a tried and true system of successfully marketing your brand on the internet.

What is Affiliate Marketing?


For a business owner affiliate marketing is a way of using a network of publishers online (think bloggers for example) who are registered to promote your brand/business. You as the business owner need not pay the publisher anything unless they successfully refer a paying customer or generate a solid lead. This is where you then pay the publisher a pre-determined commission on the sale. 

Why Use Affiliate Marketing?

Think of this, access to a global sales team that you pay based solely on their performance! An affiliate is your self-sufficient, digital salesperson who benefits when you benefit. That is they get something (an income) when they successfully refer one of their readers/visitors to purchase your product.

Unlike other Pay Per Click methods of online marketing, Affiliate marketing relies on your global sales team, aka affiliates, to actively take an interest in your product or service offering and in one way or another promote this to their readers. One of the reasons affiliate marketing is so successful is the way in which quality content is able to engage the desired target audience. Affiliates will understand what products and services are a match for their readers and choose your program if the feel it fits, they are then able to promote your brand directly to your target audience.

This ability to market directly to a specific target audience is something that businesses spend millions of dollars on every year with mass marketing techniques - and whether your business is small or large in size has access to this level of targeted marketing without the significant cost and inefficiency of mass marketing.

How Can You Access Your Global Sales Team?


With so many options available, your business needs something that is easy to use with awesome support should you need it. Commission Factory is a leader in affiliate marketing offering just as many advantages to Advertisers as there is for Publishers. 

Control is paramount with Affiliate programs, and Commission Factory gives you complete control over your advertising creatives, commission structure & promotion methods available to your affiliates ensuring that you can build an offering suitable to your business. While backing this up with super reliable data centres and statistics to ensure you know how your campaigns are tracking - in real time. 

Commision Factory is also a class leader for usability, offering a simple to use interface that provides the necessary information for both you and your affiliates in easy to interpret graphs and reports. They also have a fully integrated message centre that allows you to correspond with your affiliates directly, ensuring that they are kept in the loop on up-coming news and promotions. 

Commision Factory offers a tiered pricing model to give your business the flexibility of no monthly costs or for advanced users the option of a paid model for additional features. As a method of marketing your products or business online affiliate marketing is a very strong and powerful tool with many rewards for both Advertisers and Publishers. If you feel like you could benefit from a global sales team to promote your business for you, stop by Commision Factory to see if it would be a fit for your marketing plan.