Site Spotlight - Diagnosis MS

Website Profile

Diagnosis MS is an informative and personal blog designed to raise awareness of Multiple Sclerosis while giving readers an insight into the experiences and challenges those with this silent disease face. It is aimed to be a resource for not only people with MS but also for those who are the support network for loved ones who may have this disease.

The Brief

The brief given to us for this project was initially to provide the client with a simple blog for which they would be able to easily maintain and generate their content, while being able to easily share it with friends and family on social networks.

The Outcome

A fantastic blog and online resource for anybody looking for information on MS. We were able to harness the power of Squarespace 6 to assist us in setting up our primary goal - a blog. This platform makes it super simple for content producers to create and manage their own content, without the need of any programming skills. Ok so we ticked the easily maintain box.  

We quickly identified that we didn't have to stop there, using some of Squarespace 6's other features such as the Event's block we have been able to facilitate promotion of fundraising events on this content rich website. 

To fulfil the other request of the customer we fully integrated their website with all of the necessary social media platforms, creating a link between the website and it's social equivalent - it's Facebook page. This integration allows the site owner to engage with their audience and promote new content easily.

This site has been a massive success so far, with some great response from visitors to the site and feedback from the client. They have been able to achieve some great things in such a short period of time. We can't wait to see what they come up with next and look forward to assisting them with implementing and promoting this service in the future. We would absolutely encourage you to learn a little more about the silent disease that is Multiple Sclerosis and spend a few minutes checking out the insightful blog posts over at Diagnosis-MS