Site Spotlight - Miss Mystique

Website Profile

Miss Mystique is a website which specialises in how-to guides for nail art, acrylic nails, nail designs, cosmetics and make up. These tutorials are designed to be simple to follow, allowing anyone from amateur DIY'ers through to professionals to create amazing wearable art.

The Brief

The brief given to us by the owner of the website was to create an easy to maintain and manage website as a starting point for their foray into the digital world of content publishing.

The Outcome

We understand that for content publishers & bloggers, their primary motivation is to get the content to the eyes of their target audience as quickly and painlessly as possible. For this reason we selected Squarespace 6 as the host and content management system of choice as this platform gets the messy stuff out of the way and lets you get to what is important.

We assisted the owner of through the process of setting up an online presence to get them set up with a domain name and become familiar with the in's and out's of their new content management system. Through consultantation we were able to come up with a design aesthetic which tastefully suited the topic and gave the website some flair to set it apart from other competitors in the same field.

Caffeinated Marketing then stepped up to getting the word out there about this brand new website. Google,! Through the utilisation of our toolkit we have been able to ensure this website gets to the eyes of its intended audience.

Next came the content - this was all up to the web's newest webmaster to create, however thanks to Squarespace 6's feature set a gallery and blog were up and running in no time, feel free to head over to now to check it out for yourself.

We are excited to be there to support in their growth online and look forward to viewing some of the great content to come.